Finally, a Pack of Trump Lies!

For the first time ever comes this incredible offer: an entire set of poker-sized playing cards, each showcasing an unforgettable Trump lie. From the Birther Conspiracy to Obama founded ISIS to Trump University— they’re all here! Every Deck of Lies: Classic Trump Pack is jammed with plenty of falsehoods, fictions, deceits, distortions, myths and misrepresentations— plus the truths and facts to correct every lie. Buy a deck now for yourself and another for a friend, especially the one that’s driving you crazy making America great again.  You’ll have hours of wacky delights with the Deck of Lies: Classic Trump Pack. It’s fun for the whole family!

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52 lies. 52 truths. 52 cards.


The following material has been determined to cause intense frustration, anger, incredulity and head-slapping disbelief. Possible side effects may include headaches, stomach upset, intestinal cramping, teeth grinding and severe irritability. Viewer discretion is advised.

“I love the women”

Nobody on the planet loves and respects women like Donald Trump. There is no one alive — or no one who has ever lived — who can match Trump’s deep, dark, murky, moss-covered, bottomless reservoir of love for women. He has said so himself on countless occasions. From the Deck of Lies Studios comes our tribute to Trump’s unparalleled, unrivaled fondness for all things female.

52 lies. 52 truths. 52 cards.

“I have the best words”

The Deck of Lies Studios celebrates Donald Trump’s unequaled, superhuman talents and abilities — from his brilliant sense of politics to his clever mastery of the most difficult subjects. There is simply no one better than Trump — at anything.


The amazing production team at our Deck of Lies Studios brings you this latest look at the World’s Most Perfect Hands.


Join Alice as she chases Trump’s siren song of lies down the rabbit hole.

52 lies. 52 truths. 52 cards.